Our flagging out services include the realisation of the required ‘’flagging out infrastructure’’, (re-) organising the back office, accounting and legal support. Summarised this means a ‘one stop shop’ service for flagging out transport companies. Naturally the amount of support is decided by our customers themselves. In the following we have elaborated the various elements into more detail.


The required ‘flagging out infrastructure’ consist of five main pillars, namely:

  • A local – autonomous – company;
  • A local transport permission owned by this local company;
  • Trucks owned by the local company (lease / buy);
  • A (net) payment structure for drivers;
  • Drivers.

The flagging out infrastructure always is a tailor made solution and it requires a profound match between the desires of the transport company and local legislation / limitations. An example is the (net) payment structure for drivers with (net) bonuses for evening and night rides, driving abroad, overtime, weekend bonuses, kilometre bonuses etc. Another example is the ownership structure of the trucks, especially when negotiations are needed with leasing companies.

Realising the flagging out infrastructure thus requires a smooth co-ordination of various activities and a large amount of documents. Together with the transport company is decided who will execute which activity.

Via direct steering and locally executing the different legal, financial, fiscal and operational activities, we realise the tailor made flagging out infrastructure for our customer.


After the flagging out infrastructure has been realised, it is necessary that the daily operation is executed in the right manner, meaning in compliance with local legislation. This also applies to the general and human resources administration. In practice the latter proves to be rather challenging and requires in depth knowledge and experience.

In many occasion we also fulfil a role in such back office management. Our added value varies from co-ordinating to executing the administration / bookkeeping.


Besides organising the flagging out infrastructure and securing a proper execution, we also provide accounting services. In practice we find the right balance between the desired financial reporting standard of our customers on one hand and the local legislation on the other hand.

Especially in transport local legislation changes strongly. Due to our focus on the transport branch we monitor these changes and its impact to our customers.

Our know how of the current legal situation is also the explanation why transport companies with an existing flagging out infrastructure turn to us for support. Their motivation varies. For some companies the amount of control over its local company has diminished and they decide to re-gain control over their organisation. Another motivation is the need to solve problems. In practice the latter often results in re-organising the existing – outdated – flagging out infrastructure, in compliance to the current legislation.