transport license

Until now it has been very challenging to acquire a re-issued transport permission* in Ukraine after loss or theft. As a result, transport companies were not able to provide their business services, in case they lost their original transport permission. However after the latest meeting with various stakeholders, a solution seems to have been found for this problem.


”Today the legal gap in the existing procedure does not specify how to write-off or cancel the permit in case it was lost by the carrier. Because of this, dozens of transport companies in fact are unable to perform international transportation of passengers and goods”, said the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Olexander Kava on February 16th. The latter acknowledged the need to solve this problem and as a result on February 24, 2015 a joint meeting was held under the chairmanship of Mister Kava with the representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Ukrtransinspection, and Association of International Road Carriers of Ukraine. The goal of the meeting was to discuss and regulate the most urgent issues regarding the provisions that ensure compliance by road carriers with the terms of return of permits, their prolongation, and revocation of the lost, withdraw or stolen permits according to the Procedure of issuance, exchange and inventory of permits to travel on the territory of foreign countries while transporting passengers or goods by road internationally.


As a result of the meeting, it was agreed that the permits that were lost (withdrawn, stolen etc.) will be cancelled and removed from the register by Ukrtranskinspection. First a decision needs to be made by the Committee on the distribution of permits for transportation of goods, having a limited annual quota. This decision will also regulate the penalty points charged to the transport company.

For these transport permits to be recognized as lost, the transport companies have to address Ukrtransinspection in written by post. In this letter the transport company should clearly state the circumstances under which the transport permit was lost, its type and number, as well as the registry number of the vehicle for which it was issued. In addition the transport company should comply with other formal activities, such as adding copies of documentary confirmation of loss, withdrawal or theft of the permit as well as the copy of the ad about this event placed in the print media.


In addition at this meeting other aspects of the procedure were specified into more detail also. Tranport companies that systematically violate the deadline for return of the transport permissions (who have 3 or more non-returned transport permissions) will be added to a ‘’black list’’. These transport companies will not obtain the permit in future. Issuance of transport permissions for them can be renewed after returning the issued transport permissions that were not returned within 45 days starting from the day of their obtaining.

* In Ukraine companies that want to provide transport services need a transport license as well as a transport permission.